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Here's where we'll add media coverage as well as updates on screenings / things happening in the world of Joy Uncensored.


September 6th, 2023

It's officially available to watch!

August 11, 2023

It's officially available to watch! 

🚀 The journey to #JoyUncensored

The journey began when we won a pitch at Sheffield doc fest in 2018 which become a shorter film that had a very short festival release. Joy's journey changed quite drastically after that short so, I decided to spend more time filming for a whole new film. The film has now toured film festivals for 2 years, picking up a number of awards.

It's been a really long journey getting it to this point. It's been finished for a few years now and to be really honest with you I've been keeping it hidden until the right moment. I always knew this would be something special and I took the decision not to rush it. For me it was important to spend time learning, navigating the industry and ultimately being ready for what might happen next. I am ready now and I'm delighted to be putting it on YouTube so it's accessible for all.

🕒 This is only the beginning

There's definitely scope for a part 2 and I'm hoping to make a longer form doc taking inspiration from this and another short which will also be out next month!

I hope the film can inspire other women to have the gut to do things that are outside of the norm. To be okay with being unpredictable. To not be afraid to live a life a bit off beat and to know that's it's okay to keep being yourself as you age.

🌟 We wouldn't be here without the wider support!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us to get to this point. Please like, share and support the film!

-Natasha (Director)

Launching soon

June 27, 2023

After 2 years of touring the film to film festivals up and down the country we're finally releasing it online to coinside with the 50th year anniversary of Hip Hop.

There's been a huge buzz around this film and we're extremely excited to be releasing it online. Please do join us and celebrate the launch.

Details will be announced shortly so please keep checking back.